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2015 CIT Utah Officer of the Year

Sgt. Terry Wall

Sgt. Terry Wall is a CIT trained officer and was a CIT Utah Regional Coordinator for the CIT Corrections Academies for a number of years. As previously mentioned, after 23 years with the Sheriff’s Office he made the decision to retire.

In January of this year, Sgt. Terry Wall was flying back from attending the funeral of 2 NYCPD Detectives. The flight was originally scheduled to land in Salt Lake City, but was diverted to Chicago due to the discovery of an actively suicidal female. Shortly after takeoff, it became apparent that she was in severe emotional distress and was intent on committing suicide by ingesting her entire bottle of prescription medication. When an officer that she was seated next to and a doctor also on board the airplane attempted to intervene and stop her, she bit the doctor who was attempting to get the pills out of her mouth…repeatedly…while screaming…“I want to die, just let me die!!”

Sgt. Wall intervened and began talking to her in an attempt to de-escalate her and was able to gain a rapport with her. By the time the flight landed in Chicago, the woman was asking Sgt. Wall to help her take her life in a different direction and get help, that she wanted to live.

His dedication, empathetic approach and CIT skills were instrumental in being able to de-escalate the woman and help her turn from actively attempting to commit suicide to actively making the decision to live and accept help.

NAMI Homefront

is a free-class for family members of Veterans or service members who are struggling with mental health conditions. This free, six-session course focuses on the unique needs of military and Veteran communities, such as post-deployment and post-discharge transitions.

 Salt Lake County starting January 28, 2016 

 WHEN:    January 28 - March 3, 2016

TIME:       5:00 - 7:30 pm

WHERE:  Salt Lake Behavioral Health 3801 South 700 Salt Lake city, UT 84106

 To register or request more information, please contact Ted Wallace, Programs Coordinator, at 801-869-2893 or ted@namiut.org 

 Davis County starting February 4, 2016 

 WHEN:     February 4 - March 10, 2016

TIME:        6:30 - 8:00 pm   

WHERE:   Davis Community Learning Center at Wasatch Elementary School 210 East Center Street, Clearfield           

 To register or request more information, please contact NAMI Utah Davis County Affiliate/Jerry King at 801-451-5325  or send an email to jerryking5325@msn.com requesting to be enrolled.

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Past CIT Regional Coordinators Honored at NAMI Utah Conference

 CIT Utah joined NAMI Utah and the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health in recognizing the valuable contributions of past CIT Coordinators.

The 2014 NAMI Utah Conference was held November 14th. Those honored were:

Ron Bruno, Previous CIT Utah Program Director, Retired Police Officer Salt Lake City PD.

John Moyes, Retired from South West Behavioral Center, St. George Utah.

Lieutenant Guy Gustman, from Orem Department of Public Safety.

Sergeant Matt Pedersen, from Orem Department of Public Safety.

Chief Jean Loveland, moved from Brigham City Police Department to Willard City Police Department.

Lieutenant Mark Lowther, from Weber County sheriffs office.

We thank these former CIT Utah Regional Coordinators for their dedication and hard work with improving criminal justice / mental health services in their communities.


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