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The CIT Program is a program of the State of Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. The Salt Lake City Police Department is the administrating agency of the CIT Program. The Salt Lake City Police Department is responsible for coordinating and promoting the CIT Program efforts throughout the state. Member rosters, participating agency rosters, and all aspects of the CIT Program are maintained by the Salt Lake City Police Department.

The CIT curriculum and all aspects of the program were developed through the Salt Lake City Police Department based on the Memphis Police Department model. The Academy and instruction were refined through the first sixteen academies held in Salt Lake City. Officers from across the state attended these academies. This began to accomplish the program goal of establishing a cadre of CIT law enforcement officers within all Utah jurisdictions. However, it did not truly address the second program goal of establishing a "system" that includes law enforcement as a "team member" of mental health care.

To achieve the second goal, officers would need to interact and become "partners" with the mental health providers, hospitals, resources, and other agencies in their communities. Officers in and around the Salt Lake Valley were able to become partnered with these individuals and their resources through the activities provided during the CIT Academy. Officers from other counties did not receive this benefit. With this in mind, regional academies were implemented to address the remainder of the state.

Gray areas conduct CIT Academies  The State of Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health is the state's mental health authority and oversee the public mental health system. The state's 29 counties provide or contract with independent mental health providers to become the mental health authority of their counties. This has formed 11 mental health catchment areas also known as mental health centers.

To facilitate a regional academy, at least one law enforcement agency and the area's mental health center need to identify a person of their organization as a CIT Regional Coordinator and become partners in promoting a Regional CIT Program. The Salt Lake City Police Department's State Program Director and State Program Coordinator will provide training to the Regional Coordinators, assist the region with the development of the training academy, and help build the required partnerships for the program. All instructors, site locations, and participants will be from the local area. The Salt Lake City Police Department will continue to maintain the role of administration for the State CIT Program; however, all advancements of the CIT Program in the region will be the responsibility of the Regional Coordinators.

Regional CIT Coordinating partners:

A CIT Academy specific for correction officers was introduced in 2007 and continues to certify correction officers as CIT Officers. Unlike patrol CIT Officers that work with the mental health system on a regular basis, correction CIT Officers have mental health services available to handle follow-up and dispositions. With this in mind, it was decided that the most fiscally sound and most practical method to train and certify correction officers would be to conduct the training at a centralized location. Correction officers throughout the State of Utah are invited to attend the State CIT Correction Academy in Salt Lake County.

The Salt Lake City Police Department has teamed with the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office and the Utah Department of Corrections to conduct CIT Correction Academies. The locations, scenarios, and topic matter are based on what correction officers may experience.

Joint Resolution

In 2011, the legislature and the governor passed a concurrent resolution that recognized "the positive approach and best practices of the CIT Utah Program and encouraged development of active crisis intervention team programs throughout the State.  Below is that resolution.

CIT Utah Resolution.pdf

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